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Paying for College

Below you will find articles that cover topics related to the cost of going to college and how to pay for it.

The Rising Cost of College

The overall cost of a college education continues to climb into the stratosphere. Average tuition has risen at a rate that far outpaces inflation for a very long time.

What is a 529 Plan?

Parents have very few options at their disposal to help them combat the ever increasing burden of college tuition. One of them is the 529 plan. Here you can find out what they are, how they work, and the potential drawbacks of participating in them.

In-State-Tuition vs. Out-Of-State

Out-of-state tuition at a public university is typically two to three times the cost of in-state tuition. That is a ridiculous amount of money that heavily incentivises people to attend a public university in their state. It also incentivises people to try to obtain residency in other states.

Public College & University Data

Now there is a place to help you find out more information about the various public colleges and universities out there. There is a wide variety of statistics and data available on the various higher education systems across the country. Sometimes the data is collected nationally and sometimes it is local to each state. We provide our analysis of the education data that is available on higher education systems in the USA.

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