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Texas college and university admission requirements

Texas is home to some of the best public universities in the United States. Some schools are very selective and can be difficult to get into. Others are more accomodating when it comes to their acceptance rates. According to public records, one in five freshman at four-year colleges ends up taking at least one remedial class. The good news is that these students are still getting into a four-year school. The only way to know your chances of getting accepted is to research the school you would like to get into. For example, the Texas A&M admissions page says that the average SAT score for incoming freshmen at is 1220 (Verbal + Math).

Locations of campuses in Texas

We have compiled a list of some of the largest public universities in Texas and the cities they are located in. Hopefully, this resource will give you an idea of where the various public insitutions of higher education are located in the state. The list includes only a small portion of the colleges and universities in the state. We also put together a list of public colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Campus Visits

Checking out a college or university through a campus visit can be a valuable part of the school selection process. Here is our campus visit guide to help make your campus visits successful.

Your college campus discovery resource

Now there is a place to help you find out about the various public higher education systems in Texas. There are 36 different public universities in the state with the University of Houston being the largest by enrollment. Most of these campuses are part of a university system. For example, four unique universities make up the University of Houston system.

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